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NES/SNES/Gameboy gamer since '95, PC gamer since '99 with step forward into competetive gaming around 2008. Youtuber since 2012 with short and long breaks afterwards, while during 2017 I stopped gaming completely on PC and made transition to PS4 only. During 2018 slowly coming back with PC titles but this time focusing on writting and making reviews for my own community website. Huge fan of RPG's, MMORPG's and Arcade games, very passionate about trophies/achievements and as I like to call myself, addicted completionist. You can't leave game without having 100% done.

F1 2019 Review

Not every innovation of the F1 2019 is convincing, but thanks to the superior preparation of the earlier series parts, the latest part will be thrilling – at least if you do not care about the s…

Draugen review

Sometimes it just takes a good story to warm the heart, to create a deep sense of empathy and make us feel close to the characters. No need for the latest technological discoveries to create amazement…